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Larry Kitch is a 52 year old Angel Investor and Author hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. With years of experience in the business world, Larry has established himself as a prominent figure in the start-up community, known for his keen eye for investment opportunities and his numerous publications on business start-ups. As an Angel Investor, Larry has been involved in many successful ventures, offering his expertise and financial support to promising start-ups across a range of industries. He is highly regarded for his ability to identify high-potential companies and guide them towards success. In addition to his work as an investor, Larry is also an accomplished author. He has written multiple books on the topic of starting and growing a business, sharing his insights and experiences to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Outside of his professional life, Larry enjoys spending time with his family and staying active. He is an avid runner and participates in several races each year. He is also a passionate traveler and enjoys exploring new destinations whenever he can.





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Phone: +12(34) 5678

Email: [email protected]


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